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Teams think big picture, too
Carlton Littlejohn
North Dakota State, including linebacker Carlton Littlejohn making
the tackle, harbors national championship dreams once again.
Philadelphia, PA ( - The days of the gruff old coach controlling every part of his program are basically over.

Let's face it, even Vince Lombardi couldn't control the thoughts in the back of his players' minds.

Sure, it's politically correct to say the next practice or the next game or, well, the next second is all a team is thinking about, but many of today's FCS coaches admit they let their players think big picture ... as long as they are taking care of their daily business to work up to long-term goals.

That can be a conference title, a playoff bid, even the FCS national championship.

But when a team points toward a big target, its coaches can use the individual games to reel the players back in to the smaller picture.   Full Story

FCS Game of the Week:   NDSU at Iowa State

2014 Ivy League Preview
By Craig Haley, FCS Exec. Director
Philadelphia, PA ( - As everybody outside Georgetown seemed to cheer the addition of football scholarships in the Patriot League in February 2013, applause was reserved at Ivy League schools.

The two leagues had long been looked at as sister leagues, both placing elite academic standards alongside academic performance and yet still playing some pretty good sports against each other and on a national level.

Now that the Patriot League is in its second season of scholarship classes - Fordham actually started three years before the others and Georgetown is the lone holdout - the Ivy League is one of only two FCS conference not to offer them. The Pioneer Football League, whose schools are spread across the country, is the other non-scholarship league and its teams remain below the surprisingly solid Ivy programs from the Northeast.  Full Story

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